16 Mar 2012

Daftar Nama Band Screamo Indonesia

Daftar Nama Band Screamo Indonesia

    A Bird Eye View
    Alice In Wonderland
    Always Disconnect
    Angel Lost Diary
    As Revenge
    Asasins Of Enemy
    Attack!!! The Headline
    Behind The Wall
    Bless For RestSweet
    Bloody Dreams
    Breathing And Grasping
    Burial God
    Burst Like Nitours
    Byebye Bunny
    CNB (Cockroach Not Butterfly)
    Crime Of Violace
    Crow End Smilling
    Cry Before Smiling
    Curse Of My Destiny
    Dead With Falera
    Death Indie Management
    Depression Of Violence
    Destiny Tears
    Die Before Revenge
    Don't Care Condition
    Drops Of Dark Blood
    Drowning In Silence
    Emotion Sicknesz
    Ending Without Story
    Eyes Of Aurora
    First Of Therapy
    Fun Fun For Me
    Grandmother Of The Children
    Heaven On Tears
    I Killed My Honey
    I killed My Honey
    J.E.A (Jenue Et Aqualusa)
    Joyful Juliana
    Killed For Renanda
    Killed My Self
    Last Breath Of Jasmine
    Last Kiss From Avelin
    Last Of Darkness
    Last Summer Return
    Level 9 Band
    Life Me Overdoz
    Light Mercy A Way
    Lolli Gadget
    Losing Friends
    Memories To Revenge
    Messor In Athena
    Mind Your Head
    Monster Phobia
    My Bird Stand Up
    My Black Diary
    My Death Diary
    One Day For Revenge
    Phoenix On Alaska
    Power For Ranger
    Request Time Out
    Resistance From Alana
    Revenge Fate
    Rise Of The Maria
    Romeo Must Die
    Romeo Suicide Tragedy
    Scream From Deep Heart
    Scream Of Revenge Brothercore
    Scream Of Suffer
    Secret Destiny For Callistha
    Sending Voice
    Silence For Amora
    Silence In Mortality
    Something About Friday
    Something For Continue
    Soul In Rebel Art (S.I.R.A)
    Soundrel From Hell
    Stealth Of Permissions
    Struck To The Head
    Sweet Life Of Problema
    Sweet Of Tragedy
    Tale Of Destruction
    Tears Of  My Sorrow
    The Civil Wears Monza
    The CoralsVinily Vanitation
    The Dumberdum
    The Family Freak
    The Sickness Of Virulence
    The Trees And Emilyrose
    Third Floor
    Title Of A Regret
    Today Of Tomorrow
    Typical Voice
    Under Emily's Bed
    Useless Rebels
    Violence Crash
    Violence Sovia
    Wasted From Reality

13 komentar:

wahid mengatakan...

alone at las ? sweet as revenge ?

Anonim mengatakan...

ah posser semua.. ga ada screamo asli..yg asli a city sorrow builT..FALL..VAGUE..AMUK REDAM DLL..liat humming mad vol d youtube

Anonim mengatakan...

Dancing with panda (Medan)
Next me zhanalena (Medan)
Class Monster (Aceh)
Sacrifice in vain (Aceh)
Jump For Attack (Medan)
Ruins of horus (Medan)
Rise from hell (Medan)
Secret Destiny For Callistha (Bandung)
Secretly hit (bandung)
Zombie vs plants
Dancing with zombie

yayi mengatakan...

silent heart (bandung)

Mc.Cahyo mengatakan...

Do Not Revenge (P0ntianak)

Anonim mengatakan...

From Evening To Morning (FETM) - Pemalang,Jateng
Scream After School (SAS) - Pemalang,Jateng
Drop Out (DO) - Pemalang,Jateng
Diary For Last Fun (DFLF) - Pemalang,Jateng

Faqi Gio mengatakan...

wah, ini mah kurang komplit.. Genre Screamo nya jg dikit bgt !

Rizky Nurohim mengatakan...

Tngks ya ini bagus2 music nya

uki garuda mengatakan...


chanafie mengatakan...

bagus gan. jngan lupa mampir ya musicscreamkita.blogspot.com

azril bayu mengatakan...

MACHDEATH (Tulungagung)

Rakka trigatra mengatakan...

Miyabie Hustle (Pontianak)
Erase The Name (Pontianak)
Message From Penelope (Pontianak)
Insomnia (Pontianak)
Sweet Smile Envy (Pontianak)

setyo tricahyo mengatakan...

To Same To Blind (sby)

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